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Podcast Appearances

I brought Rosanna on the show today, not only because of her great body of work but because of the assistance she gives other women in business. Rosanna is the State President of the most powerful long-standing woman’s organization in New Jersey…New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners. Rosanna is a team player who is rocking it with her leadership, innovation and just plain getting back to basics attitude. Please take in the value as I discuss with Rosanna, motherhood, making it big, and her passion on leading women to better their business- self.


Rosanna Imbriano–a true Italian–and principal of RI Consulting, encourages you to secure strategic alliances that expand your marketing and save your marketing budget–because they cost you nothing.

This segment with Rosanna has a survey. Please take a moment to answer three quick questions. You’ll find it below. Thank you! If you could also share it with other nonprofit professionals, I would appreciate it.

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